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First Cats

Director, Editor

First Cats delves into the history of Toronto’s “alley cats”: underground, unsanctioned bike races organized by bike messengers, that now take place all over the world. The subjects interviewed in the film recall first hand their experiences of alley cat races, from their humble beginnings in the late 80’s to the first Cycle Messenger World Championship in 1993 and the rise of alley cat racing as a global phenomenon. Offering an authentic view of the community as seen by those who shaped it, First Cats brings the intensity of high speed racing in city streets to the viewers while shedding a light on the origins of this niche extreme sport.

The Art Club

Director, Editor

In aid of and coordinated with The Voices of Children Foundation, Pure Evil visited Ukraine, running art therapy workshops to help the youngest and most vulnerable victims of the conflict. With a beautiful format to help return some colour to their lives and find emotional support through a creative journey of discovery.

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